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Rocket Giotto

Rocket Giotto

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This PID controlled heat exchange espresso machine comes with either a Vibratory pump, or a quieter commercial rotary pump.

For the non-coffee geek people, PID is a way of controlling temperature to make sure it stays where you want it to do. Combine that with a discreet espresso timer above the power switch and you have a winner. Although this is still a heat exchanger machine, the combination of a insulated boiler and PID technology makes it a superb high end machine.

(See the Giotto for a lighter but more angled body)

Wattage: 1200w

Weight: 24.5kg, 23kg (Giotto)

Dimensions (Height, Depth, Width): 385mm x 440mm x 310mm

Water reservoir: 2.5L

Steam Boiler: 1.8L